Friday, November 25, 2005

How to Brainwash:

Limit Input
Replace these inputs
Impose your (the intended) will on others
Cults and their Leaders
How they operate
Why they succeed

Still in progress. More to come ...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bias in the media

I'm watching Fox News, (for entertainment I guess.)
Is this Conan I'm watching? Letterman?
They're certinaly not trying to pass this off as NEWS are they? Whatever happened to the BBC's stand on being non-biased in reporting? Even the BBC has vered from that lond held moto. You don't get news anymore, you get a politically corrected spin to it, but you're not supposed to notice they're spinning it.
It's one thing to be an alive, thinking, real personality, another to take up the chat show persona on news events, to sway your viewers toward your side of the issues.
Remember one mans freedom fighter or patriot - is another mans terrorest. Terrorist is a word the BBC wouldn't use years ago. It's not because there weren't any, it's because it's a biased word. It's not reporting -- it's biasing!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Gulfstream V landing gear problem

What's with Fox News? They covered this story live for how many hours?!? Still they didn't have the information that I was able to find in 2 minutes.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Richmond, VA -- 5th most dangerous city ???

Hey Fox! What's this rating based on?

Acuracy in media???

Fox News (watch it only for the entertainment, if you can stand it), Why is it I could easly find more/better information than they had durring this whole report!?!

My days in the media we wouldn't do such a thing, If you doin't know what you're talking about you're better off to shut up.

And *NEWS*, news is to be non-biased reporting. Fox News is blatant at giving their *opinions*, or more acuratly said -- their politicaly bent opinions.
Or is this SNL news? They talk off camera joking with the crew to blur their "news" opinions, and it's not just them coming up with this off their head -- they make such errors that they must be reading it from a tele-prompter. (like saying comma for coma)

Fox News Alert -- We don't know what the hell we're doing

Did you see the reports on the Gulfstream V landing gear problem today? Now it wasn't my choice, by I was in the vicinity of the tube at this time, but not in control of its contents.
more later...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

What's wrong with the state of Blog's

First -- It's a one category entry. Looks like you have to make a Forum to get some separation of topics. A simple floder indexing hyerarchie would be nice, and keep things less cluttered. People have many different interests that they write about, but they all have to go in the same place. When I visit a site that I linked to via a topic search, I want to be able to just see the posts that relate to my search.

FIA World Rally 2005

Watching some great coverage of WRC racing. This is real world racing!!!
Costa Brava, Spain & Perth, Australia.

Catch it only on the SPEED channel. See

My First Car

1967 Mustang - 289 auto

Yes, my first car is one I should have kept. I only had it several months, then thought I needed a Vette. I should have stayed with the Stang, it would have been much less $ and time spent restoring. In about 1980 it only cost $200 and was running fine. I didn't know what a steal I had. [kick self, kick self] To bad I never took a picture of it. It was red, jacked up in the rear with wide mags, really *cool*.

The 1969 427 Vette, that's another story ... for later.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Natalie Jost's blog

I've a new find that you must check out, Natalie Jost's "".Natalie has a wonderful site that you should explore. Check it out, start here,