Sunday, June 18, 2006

My review of the FlavorWave convection oven.

My oven is the old original model #20007, without the bells and whistles they have now.  Like a light – it would be nice but I can’t see the bulb lasting in that heat (just an opinion, not a known fact).
 One thing I think it should have (maybe the new ones do) is a lower ring that has air holes in it, for when you’re cooking things with lots of water in them, so it can dehumidify and cook them faster. Thou the complaint might be you’d risk a better chance of drying out your food then, but some foods need dried out. Just a thought, I’m not a cook.

It seems since I wrote that I found they did make a lower ring with holes, stainless steel none the less :).  My brother dug it up for me, as I've stated earlier, this FlavorWave Oven was bought by my Mum so I didn't know what came with it.
So a screened ring was included, nice.  Also a special pan for baking cakes in that has a special side release ring.  I haven't tried this one yet.
I (as an industrial microcontroller designer/programmer) would have designed the timer to run the fan a while after the heat cycle timed out, to cool the hot heating coil that sits close to the fan, and give the fan some extra life.

Perhaps now they make the timer so you can program to come on at a preset time and run for a preset time, like a simple bread machine or coffee machine does.  If not, then they should have.  Next time maybe.  Better to use a multi stage timer then, so you CAN cook a chicken and have it finish when you come home, without it poisoning you.  (Simple to do with a microcontroller).

Well, just some thoughts.  I've got a better review coming up, and pictures.

-Liam Sand