Monday, May 15, 2006

The FlavorWave convection oven

The FlavorWave convection oven is my newest finds and joys. I can now cook food with my busy lifestyle without having the fire department join me :) You see I start something cooking and get involved in other matters, and bam or should I say boom or is it burn? Anyway, it tastes the same, … charcoal.

I don’t sell the Flavor Wave convection oven or even know the company, I didn’t even buy mine. It was something my dear old Mum bought and stored away, and for that I’m grateful. So I’m not doing ads for the company, who is Thane by the way, it was Hearthware Home Products when mine was made. (Though I wouldn’t mind some kickbacks, seems I am in the Google top 10 for this oven) Are you looking for the FlavorWave convection oven scam? I don’t think there is one. From my findings it’s a good deal for the money. And no, I don’t own the company, I don’t know anyone in the company, I’m not getting kickbacks from the company (yet). What was the company’s name this week?

Now they make the “Culinary Award winning Flavorwave Deluxe Oven.” But I digress… to take a look at my antique, that’s still running fine. Stay tuned for that look in my next post.

Cheers, -Liam Sand

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