Monday, December 12, 2005

BloggerBar for Firefox 1.2

By James Lucas
Brings the power of Blogger into a single toolbar.
- Added Search buttons into one single "Popup menu".
- User can now right click on a page to use the "BlogThis" function.

You can get a free Add-on for Firefox that lets you compose and publish (or draft) entries right to your accounts.

This Add-on gives you a button on Firefox that opens a window that you can type your blogs directly into and save them to your blogger accounts. It's great!
Don't let the "for Firefox 1.2" scare you, I think that's the Add-on version. I'm running Firefox 1.0.7 (which I think is the latest version) and it works fine with it.

Just enter your blog just like you do in Blogger and Publish it to your account of choice (if you have multiple accounts).

It doesn’t bog your system down like I’ve experienced with the Blogger Plug-in for MS Word. Word puts me at 100% CPU when I’m accessing the blogs, but this is something the Firefox Add-on doesn’t do.

Another thing about Firefox that I like is that it doesn’t take lots of CPU like IE can, (sometimes IE locks me up).

Click here and try it, it's only 42Kb bloggerbar_for_firefox

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