Saturday, December 03, 2005

Vettes and Vipers

How does the Dodge Viper compair to the Chevy Vette? The C6 generation of Corvettes came out in 2006, boasting 505 hp from a 427 cid alumimum small block and having stripped hte weight down to 3132 lbs this shark will sail. This year the SCCA mid-Ohio T1 event had all but 4 cars being Vettes, and a Vette placed #1. The very same Vette that has won it 4 years in a row, and lead all the laps for the last four years. They did have 3 Vipers there, and one did came in 2nd. The Dodge Viper - Now I'm a Vette man, having had a 1969 427 and having my finger on the pulse of Corvette history, but I really love the Viper. It's such a TRUE muscle car, and with a technology edge. Did I forget to mention that the Vipers had to run 40% restricted? So that's how you make them compete with a Vette! Anywho, the Viper touts 510 hp from its V-10 weighing in slightly more than the C6 Vette, around 3300 lbs.

Or perhaps an Ferrari F40 is more your speed?!?

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