Friday, January 20, 2006

Bias in the media

I'm watching Fox News, (for entertainment I guess.) Is this Conan I'm watching? Letterman?

They're certinaly not trying to pass this off as NEWS are they? Whatever happened to the BBC's stand on being non-biased in reporting? Even the BBC has vered from that lond held moto. You don't get news anymore, you get a politically corrected spin to it, but you're not supposed to notice they're spinning it.

It's one thing to be an alive, thinking, real personality, another to take up the chat show persona on news events, to sway your viewers toward your side of the issues.

Remember one mans freedom fighter or patriot - is another mans terrorest. Terrorist is a word the BBC wouldn't use years ago. It's not because there weren't any, it's because it's a biased word. It's not reporting -- it's biasing!

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