Monday, April 17, 2006

Welcome to my spam-blog!

It would seem that my Motorsport Madness blog is considered a “spam blog” by, and I can’t get them to review my site or respond to me. Now I’ve see many spam blogs on or (whatever you prefer), and I find them COS THEY’RE ROTATING THEM TO YOU IN THEIR SYSTEM, but alas, I’m not rotating in the system and can’t seem to get there – cos I’m considered a spam blogger.

Real Spam Bloggers on

It makes me wonder how they found me, because there’s plenty on real spam bloggers on (or, if you like) and they’re obviously so. But me? I’m just a little guy with hardly any posts or activity, what made me flag them. Well it appears that it’s because I have several links back to the same site (sounds like a forum would be “spam forum”, … spamfortium … whathaveyou). So that’s how the spam-bloggers don’t get caught, they have their spam-site with all the links (nothing but links) to many (very many) diverse (many) sites, and that doesn’t flag the system.

Yes I use some articles from a select few sites, not because I support them or am affiliated with them or anything, but because I liked their articles, and they let me use them. Thanks ArticleCube.

I Finally looked into it

This took me quite some time to figure out too. It’s not like informed me that I’d been flagged as spam-blogging. No! After a few months of having to deal with verifying my posts, I finally looked into it. First I checked my settings – for a long time I though it was something that I set it to do. But after getting annoyed by it, and I can’t used MS Word to post because of the picture verification, I found it was this “spam-blog” thing. Well that’s just great, I wondered why I wasn’t getting the traffic I once had, and here I was doing more work on my Motorsport Madness blog, and it was getting me nowhere.

I say as Graham Chapman repeatedly said, "I don’t like Spam!"

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